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Building. Second floor

Piece of terrain reproducing second (and further) floor of a building

Module terrain element. These elements may be used for a miniature wargames. High sideboards on rooftop and ladder provides cover for your miniatures. Roof can be easily removed then moving figures inside of building. Special cuts on roof sideboards allows you to use building extensions, such as extra ladders or platforms. Inside building, ladders and hatches system allows your miniatures to move upstairs and downstairs.
Building’s windows not allows drawing LOS through entire building.  Doors opens by sliding to side, and you would not miss them, because they assembled to building wall.
This element fully compatible to other “building” elements, so you can build a tower block if you need to.
We recommend you to paint this element before assembly.
You will need PVA glue to assemble this element.
The product is sold unassembled and unpainted.

Product Length: 184   MM
Product Width: 129   MM
Product Height: 88   MM
Product Weight: 300   G


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