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Infinity Markers Basic Set


Regular order x10
Prone x8
Wound x5
Unconcious x5
Impetuous x3
Camo 1-3 (-6)
Mines x3
Camo x5 (-3)
Lieutenant x1
Irregular order x2
Damaged x1
Destroyed x1
Supression Fire x2
Spearhead x1
Command token x4

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Product Length: 25   MM
Product Width: 25   MM
Product Height: 3   MM
Product Weight: 110   G


Benjaminfisherau -

Thursday, 09 May 2019

Brightly colored, easy to read, and absolutely clear and crisp

Absolutely essential for any self-respecting Infinity player

Just be aware that if you get extra camo counters that the 6 and 9 markers are not marked in any way to differentiate them, however.

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