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Skarrd Horde Marker Set


The set includes:

Skarrd Horde Obj marker x6
Sundered Armor x6
Weakened Resolve x4
Luck x1
Stun x6
Disruption x10
Paralyzed x3
Rot x3
Dying x10
Regeneration x5
Toxic x5
Panic x10
Berserk x3
Exhaustion x9
Bleed x5
Psychogenic Resolve x4
Frenzied x1
Whiplash x6
Immobilized x3
Deathcurse x1
Backlash x2
Precognition x1
Blind x1
Burrow x3

Material: Plexiglass 3 mm

Author: Igor Ivanov

The shipping cost will be edited depending on the number of sets in the order.
1-3 sets = $ 15
sets = $ 20


Product Weight: 300   G


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